Trusted Racine Personal Injury Lawyers

Trusted Racine Personal Injury Lawyers

Experienced, compassionate legal representation from a trusted Wisconsin firm.

At Mahony Law, we’ve seen how an injury from an accident can change a victim’s life – sometimes permanently. All victims deserve to pursue financial compensation for their injuries and damages – and we’re here to help them secure the recovery they deserve.

Personal Injury Lawyer

Our Racine personal injury law firm has handled a wide range of cases, including claims.

  • Car and truck accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Slip and fall injuries
  • Work injury cases
  • Wrongful deaths
  • ATV and boat accidents
  • Medical and nursing home negligence

About Our Racine Personal Injury Law Firm

Our firm was founded on the belief that every injury victim deserves skilled, compassionate legal aid, which is capable of competing with the insurance company lawyers. All of our Racine personal injury attorneys take pride in representing individuals, not insurance companies, and achieving meaningful recoveries for our clients and their families.

When you retain our legal services, trust that you’ll be in expert hands. We will do everything in our power to investigate your claim, consult with relevant experts, and hold each culpable party accountable for your injuries.

Why Choose Us?

Mahony Law offers skilled legal services designed to maximize your overall recovery. We will build and investigate your case to target all available defendants and insurance policies. We will also ensure that your health insurance does not interfere with you receiving the medical care and treatment that you require.

There are many skilled lawyers in Wisconsin. It’s important that you choose a firm that is not only a good fit for you personally, but also one that is skilled in your area of law to aggressively protect your interests. Each case is handled by our experienced personal injury lawyers, who will dedicate the time to research and build your case.

You’ve already been through enough. Allow Mahony Law to shoulder the burden of investigating, supporting, and presenting your case. We’ll ensure you’re never taken advantage of by large corporations or insurance companies.

Consult a Racine Injury Lawyer Today

You may feel alone and helpless after an injury from an accident – but you’re not. Our legal team will fiercely protect your rights and help you get back on your feet. At the end of the day, our attorneys will always be in your corner.

Give us a call at (262) 331-3553 or send us a message online. We’ll schedule a free consultation, so you can share the details of your claim to determine the next best step – without paying anything.

FAQs About Racine Personal Injury Cases

Typically, the statute of limitations in Wisconsin is three years. This means victims have three years from the date of their injury to settle their claim or to file a lawsuit. If you miss this deadline, you will jeopardize your ability to recover financial compensation for your injury. There are some circumstances in which the statute of limitation is shorter, such as when you are filing a claim against a municipal entity or seeking recovery for a wrongful death. In other cases, the statute of limitations may be extended or tolled. This is common in cases involving minors or individuals who are deemed “mentally incompetent.” To ensure you file your claim within the appropriate deadline, immediately contact a personal injury lawyer in Racine, WI.
Yes – you have the right to sue for “non-economic” damages such as pain and suffering, disability and disfigurement, and lost enjoyment of life. It’s not always easy to assign a dollar amount to these subjective damages, however. That’s why you’ll want to discuss the details upfront with an experienced legal professional. They’ll help you determine and evaluate what you’re entitled to make a claim for and what your case could be worth.
Our Racine personal injury attorneys will carefully assess what path is the best fit for your unique case and your personal preferences. In some circumstances, this may lead us to pursue a fair settlement without initiating litigation. In other, more complicated cases, we may only get a fair recovery by filing a lawsuit.
There is no rule that you consult with an attorney. Engaging the services of a personal injury lawyer, however, is the best way to not only ensure that you remain in compliance with the court and statutory requirements but also to maximize your financial recovery. Insurance companies usually have the odds stacked in their favor. Big corporations have plenty of money and on-demand legal resources. If you want to stand up against them, you’ll need an experienced Racine injury lawyer on your side.