7 Crucial Steps to Take When Involved in Accident with Government Vehicle

Accidents involving government vehicles can be complicated – but no accident is impossible. Here are the biggest challenges to overcome in these situations.

- If possible, get to a safe place away from the    flow of traffic. - Turn the hazard lights on. - Don’t leave the scene.

Step 1

Ensure Safety and Health First

- Take photos of the vehicles, damage, and    surrounding area. - Note the time, location, and any relevant    road conditions. - Get contact info of any witnesses.

Step 2

Document the Scene

Get checked by the medical team immediately. Some injuries may not be immediately apparent due to the shock and adrenaline.

Step 3

Get Examined by the Medical Team

Keep your cool when talking with the government employee. Any rash actions here WILL be used against you.

Step 4

Exchange Information – but Tread Carefully

Ask for any witness’s contact information. If they are willing, request a brief account of what they saw.

Step 5

Gather Witness Statements

- Notify the police for an official report. - Inform the relevant government agency. - Don’t wait! This can compromise your claim.

Step 6

Report the Accident

In most cases, victims who don’t hire a car accident lawyer end up with a lowball settlement – or nothing at all.

Step 7

Consult with a Government Vehicle Accident Attorney

You’ll need to dive deeper into identifying the at-fault vehicle.

What to Do in the Days Following the Accident

Local government vehicles commonly include:

- City buses - Police cars - Fire trucks - Ambulances - Garbage trucks - Utility vehicles

Local Government Vehicles

State government vehicles commonly include:

- Department of Transportation (DOT)    maintenance trucks - State police cars - Highway patrol vehicles - Road construction and repair vehicles - Snow plows and salt spreaders

State Government Vehicles

Federal government vehicles commonly include:

- Military vehicles - National security vehicles - Emergency disaster vehicles - USPS trucks

Federal Government Vehicles

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