5 Main Reasons

Personal Injury

Cases Go To Court

After suffering an injury, you’re probably wondering what the next steps are - and if your case will go to trial. The vast majority of injury cases settle out of court. Here’s why. 

Personal Injury Cases Facts

Only 5% of personal injury cases go to trial.

Most cases are settled out of court in 1-3 years.

The average personal injury settlement is $62,600

Defendant’s Attorney Thinks They Can Win: Liability is Not Clear 

Defendant believes they are not responsible for the injury.

Defendant believes another party is liable.

Defendant believes the claim lacks sufficient evidence.

The Compensation Demand is Too High

Defendant believes the injury does not justify the settlement amount.

The plaintiff is unwilling to negotiate a lower settlement.

An agreement cannot be reached on the settlement amount.

Victim is Not Satisfied with the Amount Offered by the Defendant

The settlement amount does not cover the damages incurred by the victim.

The defendant is unwilling to offer a higher settlement.

Defendant’s Insurance Company is Disputing the Injury

Defenant’s insurance company is denying liability.

Defendant’s insurance company questions the injury’s severity.

The victim lacks medical evidence.

Insurance Companies Act in “Bad Faith”

The insurance company lied about coverage.

The insurance company refuses to offer full policy limits.

The insurance company does not acknowledge losses incurred.

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