5 Important Things to Do After a Truck Accident in Wisconsin?

Trucking accidents are extremely dangerous. If you’ve been injured, there are several key steps to remember.

Call for emergency medical assistance


- Get to a safe place if possible (the   shoulder) - Due to the severity of trucking   accidents, call 911 immediately

Document the scene of the accident


Capture photos and accounts of: - Road conditions - Traffic signals - Signage - Vehicle damages - Visible injuries

Exchange information with the other driver


You’ll need to collect: - Their first and last name: - Driver’s license number - License plate number - Trucking company name - Insurance information - Cargo information (if possible) - Vehicle information (make, model, year, color)

Seek medical attention


The most common truck accident injuries include: - Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) - Spinal cord injuries - Lacerations - Abrasions - Bone fractures - Burns - Psychological trauma Some symptoms can take hours or days to show. Get checked by the medical staff regardless of how you feel.

Contact an Experienced Wisconsin Truck Accident Lawyer


Trucking companies have no intention of compensating you fairly after an accident. You need a skilled attorney to fight for your rights.

How to Find a Reputable Truck Accident Lawyer in Wisconsin

A reputable trucking accident attorney: - Offers free consultations - Does not demand out of pocket costs - Is clear about the information they    need - Is compassionate and helpful, not    pushy

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