7 Important Steps To Take If  You Get In A Car Accident In Wisconsin

Every year in Wisconsin, there are: - Roughly 115,000 recorded car    accidents - Approximately 24,000 car accidents    involving injuries. - Almost 600 crash-related fatalities If you’ve been in an accident, here is what to do immediately after.

Prioritize Safety

- Assess the situation - Turn your hazard lights on - Move your car to the shoulder (if    possible or if necessary) - DO NOT LEAVE THE SCENE

Document the Accident

Try to capture pictures of: - Vehicle damage - Road conditions - Signage - License plates - Injuries

Contact the Authorities

- Call the police as soon as possible to    analyze the situation and create an    official report. - If there is a serious injury, call 911.    Otherwise, the non-emergency line    should be ok.

Get Examined by the Medical Staff

- Even if you don’t believe you are    injured, get checked by the medical    staff. - Some injuries take time to emerge. - Medical staff can spot the early signs    of injuries – like a concussion or spinal    injury.

Exchange Contact Information

You’ll need to gather the following information from the at-fault party: - Name - Phone number - Address - Driver’s license number - License plate number - Insurance company name and policy    number (if available) - Location of accident (address or    intersection)

Watch Your Words

- You will be questioned by law    enforcement and insurers. - State only the facts, nothing more. - Do not apologize or say anything that    may imply fault.

Contact a Wisconsin Car Accident Lawyer

If you were injured in the car accident and are seeking compensation, contact a Wisconsin personal injury attorney ASAP. They will guide you in gathering information and building a claim.

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